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Wild Card Waiting

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

As of today, the Orioles are tied for the 2nd wild card spot in the American League.  The team just swept Seattle, won 5 straight, and is now nine games over .500.  Can you say "Why Not 2012"?

And while the core "rotation" guys of the future - Arrietta, Matusz, and Britton - have been struggling and are all currently down at Norfolk, the Chens and Tillmans of the world have down very nicely.  Starting pitching is probably more key to the success of any team in the AL than any other single aspect of the game.

The arrival of Steve Johnson, son of Dave Johnson, last night was also a welcome sight.  Not just because of the historical connection or the fact that he is a local boy, but way he mowed down the Mariners last night was just an awesome sight.  Young, confident, and good.  What a combination.

As you may have already heard, the arrival of Machado tonight should make a big impact at the box office.  It is a free Chen t-shirt giveaway night, but one of the "saviors" of the franchise is arriving and with all the hype surrounding this kid, it should be an interesting game, even if he does not start.

I am, for one, liking the fact that numerous members of the press - both print and digital - are getting egg all over their face.  The Orioles are a last place team, they say.  Well it is August 9 and we are less than 5 games out of first.  Take that, haters.  Logically, given the run differential, we should be under .500.  But logic does not always work in sports.  Sometimes it is simply luck and desire.  And you know what, I will take WINS any way I can get them.

For the next 4 games, we have the lowly Kansas City Royals who have fallen, once again, back into last place in the Central.  After that, we host the ridiculously overpriced and over hyped Sawx who have begun to learn what humility is all about.  I doubt 7 more wins is feasible, but we should end this home stand with a pretty darn good record. 

While the playoffs may be a bit of a stretch, it is time to start believing people.  Yes I know that Ravens season is starting soon.  Good for them.  But the other Birds deserve our support too.  And while attendance is up about 5K per game, that is not nearly enough.  Back our Birds!  2012 is a year to remember!

August 9, 2012


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