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On A Roll - Again

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

The Baltimore Orioles have vaulted themselves back into second place with their 4th straight win.  As it stands today, they are only a few games behind the Yankees and are sharing Wild Card Spots with Oakland if the season ended today.  The Rays have dropped a couple and have fallen to third place in the division.

The constant roster moves make it difficult to keep up, though Buck and Dan really do a fabulous job at filling in whatever holes they have.  And if someone is brought in and does not produce (J.C. Romero comes to mind), you can send to Norfolk or just get rid of them.  If you want to win now, I understand not wishing to hold onto dead weight.

We certainly have a cast of characters now leading this team.  Jones, Wieters, Hardy and Makakis (who is great in the leadoff spot) are the household names.  Might want to add Jim Johnson to that list too.  Then you get to the lesser name players who have made an impact like Strop, Chen, Patton, Andino and the like.

What I find particularly admirable about this club, aside from its ability to win close games, is that many different people contribute to the winning attitude and results.  Players who come up from AAA or those that we get via trade or FA pickup like Lew Ford, Nate McClouth, Steve Johnson, or Miguel Gonzalez.  Sure the roster looks a lot different than it did in April especially the starting rotation, but somehow it works.

You don't get to be 14 games over .500 without talent and great leadership.  So even with all the adversity this year, the Orioles are continuing to get it done.  I am happy for them, for us as fans, and for the city as a whole.  We deserve a winner and this club could be the making of something great for a long time.

Which brings me to my next question, the same question a lot of media members have been asking lately - where are the fans?  With a team doing so well this late into the season, how come more people are not coming out to the ballpark?  Is it that school is starting?  Is it that some people really think they might still tank?  Is it the cost?  Or is it that people really cannot stand the owner?  I think it is an answer that we will seek but never truly find.  As someone who goes to more than 40 games a year, I think I more than do my part, but it is hard to make time when you have a job and other activities and family to attend to.

I for one am happy for this season.  Will it continue?  Who knows.  They Yankees usually have our number.  But then again, we have Boston's number now too.  So it seems to balance out.  The next 5-6 weeks will be interesting.  The fact that the Baltimore Orioles - those same Orioles of 14 straight losing seasons - sent out postseason ticket notices, you can sense the changing of the guard.

Keep it up boys.  I am hoping that more of us will be right behind you.

August 29, 2012


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