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Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

At least the Orioles are appearing to be smart about staying competitive.  In addition to going out and bringing in a real DH (since we don't have one) and getting Jim Thome, they sent mega struggling pitchers Matusz and Hunter down to AAA.  Smart, and long overdue.

As we bear down on the All-Star break, here are a couple of pointers and ideas that might be good to think about doing or at least considering.

1) Find a real 3B.  That means trade for one or bring one up from the minors.  Andino is OK there but he is better at 2B or SS.

2) Bench Roberts.  If he is struggling, sit him.  Simple as that.

3) Get rid of Reynolds.  Not a good fielder.  Not a good batter.  Time to trade or cut him.

4) Shake up rotation.  If you suck, you get fired/demoted.  Jake probably is looking over his shoulder too, as he should.  This is the majors.  You only get so many chances.  If I stink at my job, I get reprimanded and then terminanted.  Should be the same on the professional baseball premier level.

5) Find another long term DH.  Maybe Soriano or someone who is a good bat but a lousy fielder.  Thome is OK for now, but at age 41, he is very close to the end.

6) Bring up and keep more outfielders.  We are thin in that department.  Would love to see Xavier Avery succeed in Baltimore.  And with Nick still out and Reimold gone for the year, consistency is key.

After the stomping we took on the last home stand (1-5), it is time to make some changes and upgrades.  Being in second place is great, but I see the storm clouds on the horizon and the weather forecast at the moment is not all that good.

And with road trip stops in Seattle and Anaheim this week, it has the potential to get ugly.

July 2, 2012


  1. This GM is the same as the rest.can't make no moves than minor ones.Angelo's is happy with what we have cause were bringing in crowds withoit paying for real talent.

  2. Unless they make some moves soon, l feel we will be sellers at the end of July. I hope Angelo's sits back and lets DQ do what's best. Otherwise, 15 straight losing seasons here we come.