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Sinking Fast

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

On a day that should be a national holiday - May 31 is the birthday of Clint Eastwood - I sit here and begin to wonder where our team went wrong.  Now, it is not like we are in the basement or are sitting 20 games under .500, but the recent fall from grace of the Orioles has me baffled.

The last few weeks have not been fun.  After taking two out of three at Washington, the Baltimore baseball club has managed to choke in three consecutive series vs. Boston, Kansas City, and then this dreaded sweep up in Toronto.  As of today we have lost 5 straight games, have a record of 2-8 in our last ten, and barely finished over .500 for the month of May.

Having been a dozen games over .500 at one point seemed like a dream.  The massive amounts of injuries, the dip in quality starting pitching, and a big dip in the production of key players like Matt Wieters are just a few reasons for the recent slide.  I just hope they can contain the bleeding from becoming a gaping wound that could ruin this season.

Injuries are part of the game, and although it seems the Orioles have been bitten worse than other clubs (Reimold, Reynolds, Britton, Lindstrom, etc.), any team worth their salt will fight through the tough times and get over the hump.  Problem with that is that players are often called up before they are ready or put into situations where they cannot win.  And the team does not have time to gel quite often due to the constant shuttling of players up and down to the minors.  I know it is necessary to do so to try and win games, but it quite frankly does not do much for chemistry or morale to keep plugging the holes.

Britton, Reimold, and Brian Roberts (remember him?) should all be making their appearances on the active roster soon.  And hoping that the wrist injuries to Jones and Markakis are not that severe either.  If and when we can get our best back out there in one piece, I am sure we can return to form.  The AL East right now is getting tight with every team (including crummy Boston) back over .500. 

The Orioles are on the road for another six games.  And even though we have a lot of home contests in June, the opponents are brutal.  Only one team that we play in June (Pittsburgh), is currently under .500.  So the road is ahead is littered with challenges as they say.

As a die-hard fan of the Orioles, I am worried that they have regressed to being more of the recent Angelosian teams we have learned to dread.  As a baseball purist and historian, I know that losing streaks are part of the game and therefore can be discarded as a mere bump in the road.  The next 30-45 days will determine if this season will be different than the last fourteen.  I do not expect the Orioles to make the post season, I really don't.  They have the talent but not the experience yet.  Tampa is probably the team to beat overall.  But as long as we stay over the .500 mark and stay competitive, that is all I and most other Orioles fans really can ask for at this point.

By the way, does anyone realize that this losing streak basically coincided with the return of Mark Reynolds?  Makes you wonder...

May 31, 2012


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