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Improvement Still Needed

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, the sky came crashing down on the Orioles over the past two games as the pitching staff gave up 24 runs in 2 days.  The Texas Rangers are the team to beat in the American League as evidenced by their consecutive appearances in the World Series.

No team is better on offense and no player is greater in baseball at this moment than Josh Hamilton.  FACT.

The Orioles, with their diluted pitching staff and nagging injuries should try to at least take the next two games and split the series.  With today's doubleheader beginning at 4:05, we have the opportunity to right the ship.

Overall, the Orioles are still doing great.  Team ERA is best in AL and our home run prowess is king as as well.  But, our defense is horrible.  And our strikeout ability is high as well.  Plus players like Hardy and Reynolds and Markakis still need to raise those averages.

My biggest complaint thus far is the lack of fan support.  Sure, I have the benefit of going to a lot of games and not paying for them, but I am hopeful for an increase in attendance soon.  Currently, we are doing better than last season but for a team that is well over .500, there should be more people in the stands.

But I guess 14 consecutive losing seasons will do that do you.  Fans are jaded, and not to mention broke.  Bad baseball play followed by retirement of Cal followed by arrival of Washington franchise added to public disdain for ownership equals not a lot of people coming.

Remember the days when the place was packed and tickets were scarce?  3.7 million fans packed the Yard in 1997.  Last time was had 3 million was 2001 (Cal's final season).  Haven't had over the 2 million mark since 2007.  Can you see the pattern?

The team needs to win.  And win consistently to make us trust them again.  We don't want another season like 2005!

Tonight presents an opportunity to dust ourselves off and make a run for the finish line again.  Texas, then Tampa, and then New York on this home stand will not make it easy on us.  But, if we do what good teams do, which is find a way to win, the fans will come back.

For more on fan apathy, check out this FoxSports article written by Ken Rosenthal.

Let's go Orioles!  The power of the cartoon bird will help guide us.


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