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2012 - A New Era

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

This is the year the Mayans said would be the end of the world. Or was it the Incas? Or maybe the Aztecs? I forget. I get them confused personally. Was not good in history.

But what I am good at is being a loyal Orioles fan even in the midst of an unprecedented 14 years of sub .500 misery. A new GM came on board last fall and proceeded to overhaul the front office, the players, and the minor league system. Of course, it goes without saying that Dan Duquette has a major headache ahead of him in trying to steer this ship.

The Orioles (with their updated 20th anniversary jerseys and modern cartoon bird hats) did OK in spring training going 11-13-5 plus playing a few other games against some colleges. The lineup looked a lot different than last year but it is all part of the process of spring renewal.

On Opening Day, which happened to be Good Friday, more than 46K fans roared when the team took the field in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the opening of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The O's did not disappoint with great pitching the whole weekend in a sweep of the downtrodden Minnesota Twins.

Currently sitting at 3-1 after a loss to the Yankees on Monday night, the Orioles look pretty darn good despite all the negativity in the press regarding this club and the injuries that have several key players still on the bench. We had two Gold Glove winners in 2011, yet the national media barely mentions that. Guess we will just have to make them eat their harsh words with great play this season.

I will be back contributing to this blog around one or two times a week. I have been distracted lately given health issues and personal things transpiring. For all the baseball lovers out there, you will not be shocked to find out the I recently got engaged at the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown. Check out the link below.

I will be reporting again later in the week. Go get them Birds!


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