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Another Season of Despair

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, we might as well go home and drown ourselves. With the Orioles more than 15 games under .500, it seems that 2011 is over for us. Perhaps putting ownership and management in front of a firing squad would be better though, since it is their fault and not the fans.

Anyway, all of us get a blood pressure reprieve for the next three days and Buck Showalter can bite his nails and hopefully put together a patchwork team for three months that can actually do something. The wheels have fallen off for certain at the moment, and the vultures are circling what remains of the carcass called a baseball team in Baltimore.

So what do we have to look forward to in the 2nd half? Hmmm... let us maybe speculate a bit.

Brian Roberts comes back and actually helps us out. That would be nice.

Vlad and/or Lee get traded/dumped. Then our lineup might get a little more pop. I know they are good guys but for their salary level, neither one is really producing.

Bring up some AA/AAA guys who have a shot at playing. Don't call them up and then just sit them for 10 games.

Pray for our rotation to not be injured all the time.

Use trade chips like Guthrie, Koji, Gonzalez etc to improve the club. Try to move Luke Scott too or Felix Pie. Nolan should be the regular LF or DH.

Lock up Hardy while you still can.

Fire scouting and development people in the front office. They clearly cannot do their jobs.

Find a new pitching coach if you can.

Start thinking about 2012.

I don't want to wave the white flag just yet on 2011 but we are dangerously close to surrendering. I had enough of the Orioles and their mess ups to last me a lifetime, though I did enjoy the brawling with Boston. Kudos to Kevin (high WHIP) Gregg for not backing down to Big Papi Roider Ortiz.

Got to come up with some new prayers to possibly help us this 2nd half. It is where we showed promise last year. Perhaps Buck can work his magic again or if not, he might go back to ESPN and leave the horror show at the Warehouse behind him.


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