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Another Melted Season

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Given the current status of the the team, I don't know what I even bother writing an article on them. They are a walking disgrace, with a constant monorail of players going back and forth to Bowie and Norfolk, and another group who is always on the DL. Throw in erratic starters, an awful bullpen, men who can hit, and you have another wonderfully woeful Orioles club who sits firmly in last place for the fourth straight season.

Now is the time to check out your youngsters. The Adams, the Angles, the whomever you have got type of guys. Lots of members of the current roster should be gone by the end of the season via trade, free agency, or the old standard of just getting cut.

Since the beginning of April, when we actually looked good, we have seen our 2B on the DL for headaches. Our vaunted DH has got nothing left in the tank. The Braves-like rotation has imploded (several of them are in the minors right now). Reynolds should not be playing 3B. Luke Scott has no value and Mike Gonzalez is hated by the fans.

So what do we do before trade deadline? Move Reimold or Reynolds to DH. Bench and trade Scott, Vlad, Lee, Guthrie, and anyone who is not part of the plan for the future. No baby steps here. I say take the leap now for the sake of fans and our sanity.

It is hard to keep on being positive and cheerleading for a club the flounders year after year. If you bleed the orange and black like I do, frustration and anger are your two daily emotions that you have to learn to grapple with each and every season. Sometimes you get to the point where you become so numb, that you actually stop caring.

If this team sinks any lower, I might become a walking corpse. The excuses from the Warehouse have been consistent for years. Now the results better come soon or I, like many other fans before me, will just turn my back for good.


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