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Cutting Your Losses

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

The Orioles, as we have become accustomed to, are frustrating. After the sweep over Seattle and taking two of three down in Tampa over the weekend, all this club has managed to do is implode at Fenway on Monday and then choke against the Yankees at home on Wednesday night.

The meltdown against the chowdahs makes me angry because we had a 6-0 lead. Great start was wasted by an awful bullpen performance and it all ended in another loss. Not as humiliating as the Mother's Day Massacre of 2007, but close.

And then Wednesday we managed to score a whole run in 15 innings, denying Zach Britton another deserved win and allowing our hated rivals to eek one out, again due to nitwit relievers.
Sure I can complain - and swear up a storm - regarding our pathetic offense, but it was the bullpen that cost us our first victory against NYY this year. So far we are 0-5 against the pinstripes.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the past two games. Manager, hitting coach, errors in the field. And then there is the infirmary of players who cannot help us at the moment like Lee, Izturis, Matusz, Roberts, etc. Makes me want to scream!

But the most frustrating person in all of this is Mike Gonzalez. We have seen what he can(not) do in an Orioles uniform dating back to April 2010. He appears to be another goof in a long line of crappy relief pitchers just like Hawkins, Baez and Walker. At the moment, he is by far the most hated player by fans here in Baltimore and I highly doubt he has a future on this team. I am praying that the front office does the right thing, just like they did with Gibbons and Atkins in the past, and send this overpaid chump packing. I know he will cost a bundle in lost salary, but dumping the rubbish from the roster is vital to this team's survival.

The weather outside is ominous so there is a chance that tonight's game with the Yankees could be delayed. We need a win. A big win. A win over a division foe who has owned us for so many years. And it would a good starting point for this weekend's series against the "local rival", the mega popular and feared Washington Bugs. Oh boy, the Yard will be so packed - with crickets!

Seriously, it is time for this team to man up. I feel especially bad for Jeremy Guthrie, Zach Britton, and Jake Arrieta whom have been pitching lights out only to see leads disappear or have no run support at all.

Maybe a locker room riot would help straighten things out? I will vote for whatever it takes to get this team back over the .500 mark hump.

Let's go Birds!


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