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It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Baseball

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Now with the holiday season behind us, it is time to turn our attention back to our beloved pastime. Sure the Ravens are in the playoffs, but you can never forget that opening day is only 3 months away. Check out the countdown clock at http://www.camdenchat.com/

Now that the Orioles have completed the overhaul of the lineup (except maybe for adding some more pitchers) let us look at what we can expect in the spring. It should look a lot different than 2010. Heck, not having Atkins on the team is reason enough to cheer.

1B - Lee
2B - Roberts
3B - Reynolds
SS - Hardy
C - Wieters
LF - Pie
CF - Jones
RF - Markakis
DH - Scott, Reimold
P - Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Guthrie

Yes, I am excited. Add in hard-nosed manager Buck Showalter and you certainly have a likelihood for great success. Will the Orioles compete for first place in 2011? Most experts laugh at the notion, but then again no one expected them to play near .600 ball in August and September of last season either.

Hope springs eternal, right? With the best lineup and the best off season for the Orioles since before the 2004 season, I am extremely optimistic. Most bloggers might say that in January too, but as a super die-hard fan, I see the pieces starting to gel. Buck does not play games and unless injuries really rock this team hard, there is no reason to think that 82-85 wins in unattainable.

Positive thinking has been lacking around the Yard for a while. I will admit as a fan, I have been down on the team too numerous times in the past seasons. I have sworn a lot in anger and frustration, and now that it is the off season I am more level-headed and my BP is lower. I honestly cannot wait for March 31.

More articles to come on the beloved Birds in the future. Go out and get a season plan now, since this one could be a season to remember, or at least not another one to forget.


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