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In The Books

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

With the coronation of a a new champion, the S.F. Giants, the MLB season has officially come to a close. With their Game 5 win over the Texas Rangers last night, the Giants brought home their sixth title but their first since moving to San Francisco following the 1957 season.

Hard to believe that the 1954 series - with Mays making "the catch" at the Polo Grounds - was the last time the Giants won a title. After moving to the west coast, they lost in the World Series in 1962, 1989, and 2002. Always a bridesmaid as they say.

With the crown back in the National League and the hoopla and parade that will follow, the rest of MLB will shift direction towards free agency, off season meetings and preparation for the 2011 season.

Here in Baltimore the changes have already begun. As of today, we have a new hitting and bullpen coach already named with rumors that the new pitching coach will be named as well. Buck Showalter is assembling the staff he wants, as he should, and then begin to assemble the team he needs with the assistance of the front office.

More pitching, a solid 1B, perhaps a SS and 3B too? Who knows what the next three months will bring in terms of signings and trades, but we are never a player's first choice. Thirteen consecutive losing seasons and the reputation of Peter Angelos keeps many players from coming here. In fact, people have taken less money to go to actual contenders. Anyone remember Konerko in 2006?

So, like always, the rebuilding continues. Who will be back? Can we actually try to get Cliff Lee or a Prince Fielder? I never thought a Buck Showalter would come here and then we were all shocked with what he did with less than 2 months to go.

Man, I cannot wait until Spring Training. All I have now is the dull NFL but luckily there is the MLB Network to keep me pacified.

To the future my friends! For once, it actually does look bright!


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