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Buck Has Stopped Here (for Now)

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

2 games. 2 wins. Bats that have come alive. Good base running. Nice catches. Decent pitching. Small crowds (they will come in time). Welcome to the newly trumpeted Buck Showalter era. And with the results that I have seen thus far, the man should be wearing a cape as he is a superhero at the moment for this town.

The lineup has looked tight the last two games. Pie, Wieters, Jones have all come to life. Guthrie and Matusz have looked great. And the bat revolution might be Terry Crowley worries about his job or simply the new Buck influence.

No disrespect to Dave or Juan but these guys look recharged. Maybe the influence and knowledge that comes with an outsider and his plethora of MLB experience has refueled this team like nothing we have seen in a while. I am certainly excited.

Look: being 40 games under .500 is way too big of a hole to dig out of this season with the time remaining. So, we just battle and show the entire majors that we are not the doormat you might have thought we were. I expect the Orioles to leapfrog over the Pirates and possibly Arizona with a better record by October. Progress is something we strive for and it cannot certainly happen overnight.

The injuries do have me worried though. B-Rob's leg and David Hernandez's ankle... seems like we cannot catch a break. I am hoping that these setbacks are minor and that competitive baseball, like we have seen in the past few games will continue.

This weekend is the induction into the Orioles team Hall of Fame. One of those being honored is the late Johnny Oates. Buck Showalter considered Oates his friend and mentor, which is why he is wearing #26 (also Boog's number). A manager who is mindful of the past of this organization is something I have not seen here before. Being mindful of it, embracing the tradition, and using it as motivation and template for the future. That is being smart my friends.

Should be a good weekend. Let's go O's!!!!


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