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What is Lower than Dirt?

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Answer: The Baltimore Orioles of 2010!

Note to current team. The Toronto Blue Jays are not the 1927 Yankees. Losing 11 straight games to them is inexcusable. Now, back to our season already in progress.

Everyone knows I am a huge baseball fan. I am a partial season holder in Baltimore. I am a member of the Babe Ruth & Sports Legends Museums. I am a member of SABR and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I believe I know and love baseball well, and the product I currently see on the field is absolute garbage. Blow this team up now.

Buck Showalter may be waiting for a while to either a) think it over; b) evaluate what he sees; c) wait for the coaches he wants or d) talk to a psychiatrist first before working for Peter Angelos. And while I know Juan Samuel is trying his best, the club is in an absolute free fall at the moment. Millwood = joke. Entire pitching staff = crap. Pitching and hitting coaches = need to go.

You can only complain so much. Apparently those in the front office do not notice or care about angry fans, the empty seats, the lack of merchandise sales etc. THE PLAN, as it is commonly known, is getting the same laughable reputation as the Maginot Line. Ask the French how that "impenetrable defense" worked out for them.

Listen, I know we are bad. Historically bad. But losing in the same way to the same teams over and over with no real improvement wears on the psyche. I am emotionally wrapped in my team as a fan, so maybe if I have a breakdown and need a hospital stay, maybe sending the medical bills to the Warehouse would be justified?

What this team needs is leadership, a big bat (acquired via trade), and a sustained winning streak to convince people that they are not going to die just yet. With 2 months left in this miserable season, I want to see some sort of effort before I go into hibernation again.

Come on guys... there are not many giveaways left this year. We need more reason to come to OPACY then just for the free tote bag.

1 comment:

  1. I think co-owners/investors of the O's should file a collective lawsuit against Angelos for fielding a team that is a defective product that is physically and mentally detrimental to the players and fans. If it continues at this pace, it could be worse than mesothelioma.