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So Much For Progress

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Second half opens and the Orioles fall flat. This supposedly "improved" team loses three in a row at home to Toronto, whom they have failed to beat once yet this season. The Blue Jays are a perfect 9-0 against the other birds in the division and have owned us all season. Come on people, this is Toronto! We can sweep Boston and Texas but are being whipped by the Maple Leaf team? What the heck is going on?

Runners stranded in scoring position seems to be our Achilles heel as well as the starting pitching. My golden boy PIE made a few defensive miscues in the outfield and the rested team appeared lethargic and uninterested most of the weekend.

Anytime it seems this club has something good going, it comes crashing down. And with Tampa Bay here and then Minnesota for four games, it really could get uglier as the days roll forward. I am one of the biggest Orioles fans you will find, but I am running out of excuses myself.

At the state of the Orioles this past Saturday, fans were not as merciless as I expected. Even Andy MacPhail was somewhat surprised that fans took it a bit easy on him. Nothing new in terms of a managerial timetable is set, though a long losing streak may get Showalter in here a bit quicker.

Perhaps the return of Brian Roberts will lift this club a bit more. I don't know what other sort of injection could help turn these guys around. Most are already waiting for the first weekend of October to get here. The bust season of 2010 is halfway done. Perhaps if these guys have any real ability and heart they will do their best from here on out.

1 comment:

  1. I was at all three games against Toronto at The Yards. What television doesn't show you, live view does.

    There were times when Guthrie, Matusz, or other pitchers were about to release the ball and Pie, and sometimes Jones, were looking at the JumboTron. Tejada likes to look in the stands and Wigginton focuses on the dugout alot. And we wonder about the number of errors and botched plays.

    Also, I have never seen a more passive baseball team. Little to any bunts, sacrifices, steal attempts, or hustle outfield plays (in particular, Pie).

    It's been a long, long season and I do not expect too much at this point. I do predict a resurgent Wieters, Markakis, and Roberts, but a slumping Scott, Wigginton, and Tejada (if they are still on the team). I also forsee a group of talented young pitchers continue to struggle because unfair pressure was placed on them by the ogranization.

    Let's hope Showalter comes in as a GM/manager and gets this mess cleaned up. The stands are empty now; imagine what it will be like this time next year if nothing drastic is done.