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Winds Of Change

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Seems to happen every 3 years or so, when an Orioles skipper is blamed for the current state of an underachieving team and gets the boot. Like Perlozzo before him, Dave Trembley got tossed to the wolves after it became clear that the tailspin would not end.

From a personal standpoint, Dave seemed like a nice guy. He never played pro ball but spent his years as a coach and manager in the minors for two decades. And like the past few Angelos-era managers, he got his shot in the bigs without having any MLB level experience. From day one it was an uphill climb and with the horrendous start to this season coupled with higher expectations, it was time for another change.

For us in Birdland, this is a familiar pattern. Since 1990 when Bobby Cox started managing the Braves (20 years ago), the Orioles have gone through 9 managers. Yes, 9. Robinson, Oates, Regan, Johnson, Miller, Hargrove, Mazzilli, Perlozzo, Trembley and now in at no. 10 is Juan Samuel. It is interesting to note that only Frank Robinson pre-dated the Angelos era while the rest were canned during the reign of Lord Peter.

As of Samuel, this is his first shot at managing in the bigs too. He will hold the interim tag for now but he comes with the background of a player which is in stark contrast to Trembley. Juan played for 15 years, was an all-star with the Phillies and won a silver slugger at second base. He played for 8 teams during his tenure and stole almost 400 bases. From a players perspective, he may be able to relate to them better given his background. Only time will tell.

Today the Orioles will open the process to finding a permanent replacement for Dave Trembley. Several people have already been targeted by the media as potential candidates but who am I to speculate at the moment. There are people who are available right now who could be a fit, but we want a long term person vs. some quick fix.

Juan Samuel has the unhappy task of taking on Boston and both NY clubs over the next 9 games. With Roberts coming along soon (we pray) and help in the minors, there is some hope for improvement in June. It really cannot get any worse, can it?

Let's see how the team responds to new leadership before we answer that question.

1 comment:

  1. I think Juan will get a cup of coffee, nothing more. I would like to throw out a name as a likely candidate that has MLB experience and would take the job Bobby Valentine. I don't really like Bobby as the next manager but for some reason I can see it happening.