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One Step at a Time

June 4, 2010
by: Anna C.

The "big announcement" this morning came as no surprise - Dave Trembley was fired. What did surprise me a bit was the interim replacement, Juan Samuel. Didn't we learn from our last failed attempt to convert a third base coach into a major league manager? Hopefully the "interim" title actually holds this time, and MacPhail and company find someone as a permanent replacement quick.

Though I have often wondered, does the "interim" light a fire under the temporary manager, knowing he has to prove himself? Or does it hinder him as he performs with caution, knowing he does not yet have a permanent contract? I thought the latter with Trembley at first, but after he was given a contract, I realized that was just the type of manager he seemed to be. I do like him and wish him well.

Now for the next step, maybe it is time to relook at all of the coaching staff. Hitting is a huge issue, and not just with the new talent - some of the players with previously strong bats are grossly underperforming. Perhaps it is not directly related to the hitting coach, but it seems like that would be the next step. If the manager gets fired for not winning with what he is given, other coaches should be held similarly accountable for not working with what they have.

On a somewhat positive note, I attended 2 of the 3 games a few weeks ago between the O's and Nats down at Nationals Park, and I am happy to say that Bird fans still came out strong. Though we only won the first game of that series, I was proud that my fellow orange and black wearing fans greatly outnumbered the red curly-W wearing fans (if I can even call them that). At this point in the season, it is the little things!


  1. Fan support is no small matter, without fan support things go from really bad to ugly for the franchise.

  2. As your fellow poster, I too was there at Washington on that Sunday to see us lose again to the stupid Washington BUGS and their deadbeat fans.

    Hope to see you at the Yard this weekend or next. Lots of great givaways coming up. As a member of the Advocates, I am there for most of them.