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Still The Worst

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

As of May 17, the Orioles are still the worst team in MLB in terms or record. And while we have perked up a bit, our offense still stinks. Add in a blown save on Saturday and we lost two of three against the Tribe after take two of three from Seattle.

So where does this team go wrong day after day? First is hitting with runners in scoring position. I can't say for sure if it is just a lack of talent, bad luck, or maybe new hitting techniques are needed but improvement better happen fast. The calls for Crowley's head are getting louder and it may happen soon.

Another reason this team can gain no ground is the constant shuffling of lineups with players going up and down to AAA like an escalator. Reimold has been sent down, Patterson up. Recent savior Hughes has gone back down and Castillo on his way up. Yes, we can blame injuries for part of this debacle but this team is lifeless and dull. Only in victory do I see emotion. With every defeat, they look stale.

Some of the off season acquisitions have been busts. Atkins comes to mind right now. I see him being gone soon if we can find a good replacement at first. Rumor has it that Nolan Reimold, once polished at Norfolk, will be at the bag instead of in LF. Could be a positive move for the team since his tendon makes him a liability in the outfield.

I will voice my frustration about this weekend series from a very personal level. This weekend, I brought a young boy for his first experience at OPACY. He only knows the Phillies since he lives in metro-Philadelphia. He loves baseball had never been to Baltimore. As a birthday gift, I got him enrolled in the Junior Orioles Dugout Club (which is a sweet deal for kids). So on Saturday, he went on the tour of the ballpark and then saw the game Saturday night where the Orioles let Cleveland (note: this is the Indians people, not the Yankees) score 8 runs in the top of the ninth. And then, after getting him to walk in the Little League parade on Sunday before the game (another major thrill for a child) he saw the Orioles blow it again to the Tribe. Here I am trying to convert this youngster to a dedicated Orioles fan, and the team does not cooperate. My furor is high at the moment. At least young A.J. got a lot of merchandise that made him happy in the interim though it will make his Philadelphia-loving relatives a little peeved.

This week we have KC, Texas, and then three games at the BUGS. Pile on the wins now fellas, since there will not be this type of opportunity again.


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