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Some Good News

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, we may have the worst record in the league at the moment but we are not dead last in any of the major categories except maybe leaving RISP. Of the major categories (thanks Fox Sports) we are 27th in runs scored but are 6th in the majors in home runs. Not bad.

After the euphoric sweep over Boston the Birds had their wings clipped in New York, losing three straight. Then they split a four game set in new Target Field after taking the first two against the Twins. So, we have not gained any ground.

Starting tomorrow, we have 8 straight home games against Seattle, Cleveland, and Kansas City - all of whom are well below .500 at the present time. If we are to make any move in the AL East, this week would be a super opportunity to show some muscle.

Given all the recent reports around the shakiness of the manager's job, there are also impending lineup changes coming. Scott, Reimold, and Jones have been awful of late and no one person has been the go-to RBI guy. It is time to wake up the bats, or else be on the bus to Norfolk in a few days.

I was pleased with the split in MN, and our pitching overall has shown improvement as of late. It is the anemic offense that is costing us wins at the moment and fans are fed up. And while we are considered a "young team" with "up and coming potential" we still need to make a big trade or land a huge free agent. Someone of the Pujols or Fielder pedigree. Big bat with consistent numbers. But face it, with a cheap owner who is reviled in professional sports and 12 (soon to be 13) straight losing seasons, no one wants to come here. Konerko, Texiera, etc told us no as would anyone else who wants to win.

The old catch-22. You can't win since you don't have the best personnel and you can't land superstars because you are not winning. Is there a way out of the cycle?

Maybe an 8 game win streak would impress a few people. Come on orange and black, make me proud again.

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  1. Hey Peter, let me know if you want to write for bmorefan.com. you can find my contact info there.