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Bye Bye Chowdah!

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

I should have taken the day off today to celebrate. My dreaded foe has been swept out of town by what was considered to be the inferior team. For the first time since 1998, we swept DA SAWX. Last year we won only 2 games against them. This year, already we are 4-2.

Since the new millennium, Boston fans have swelled their ranks. More hats and shirts are seen all over the place. Some of that comes with success (though when your biggest players juiced your titles are tainted in my opinion) but a lot is just band wagoners. And as we in Charm City know, the chowderhead supports flock here for each series. Lots of goofy New England accents can be heard all over town.

But the last place Orioles put them in their place. Having witnessed two of the three games myself, I saw the despondent faces of people who looked ashamed. I am reveling in their misery since it appears their franchise is unwinding fast. They look old, tired and just plain past their prime. When Papelbon threw a ball into the seats in the 10th inning last night trying to pick off Markakis at first, Orioles fans laughed and clapped like there was no tomorrow.

Taking 4 out of 6 during this home stand showed great character. Even with Roberts, Pie, and other big names out of the stating lineup for a while, these birds showed poise. Miggi, Wiggy, and Wieters have been heroes of late but the TEAM effort is quite noticeable. I loved Reimold's throw home to get Varitek at the plate in the 8th yesterday. Reminded me a lot of the old Oriole Way. Do everything the right way and things will go right for you.

Tonight we are at New York and then off to the frozen land of 1,000 lakes. Can we keep it going? Perhaps. Might have to shuffle the starters and bullpen a bit more (I am sad to Jim Johnson go) but what needs to be done for the good of the franchise - and not ego - should be done ASAP.

Perhaps by the next home stand we will be creeping up closer to .500 and announce our presence with authority. And very soon we won't be the worst team in baseball anymore - that honor is reserved for the Pirates.


  1. Times they are a changing, this time even for the better.

  2. I was happy to see the O's sweep the Sox. You're right, they looked old and tired. And I always root for teams that are struggling, unless of course, they're playing my Yankees.

    It would be nice to see the O's climb out of the basement. Ken Singleton is one of our broadcasters, and he's always talking about his days on the Orioles. I don't remember what it's like to have the worst record in baseball, but I know it can't feel good, that's for sure.

    I'd love to get down to Baltimore when the Yankees play the O's. I've never been, and it looks like such a nice park. Not to mention, the Yankee ticket prices are outrageous! $2,600 to sit behind home plate? Yeah, ok. I can fly to Baltimore and get the same seats, and I'd still probably pay $2,000 less. Crazy.

    Good luck in Minnesota this weekend.



  3. Hopefully soon, very very soon, we won't be cellar dwellars anymore.

    Interesting stat - Orioles never finished in last place from 1954 on until 1986. Then again in 1988.

    Then not again in 2008 and 2009. So only 4 last place finishes in 55 seasons. Not too shabby.