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Welcome to 1988

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

I was 13. I did not follow baseball closely yet. The team I supported back then was the Oakland Athletics led by the "Bash Brothers". In Charm City, the skipper got fired after an 0-6 start and Frank Robinson took over. After losing the first twenty-one games, the team got it together a bit and finished 54-107. Worst team in Orioles history. Lucky for me I did not live here then.

It is 2010. We are 2-13. Might not win 50 games at this rate. Ugly baseball. Batting .160 with runners in scoring position. Koji, Gonzo, Roberts, and Pie on the DL. Miggy hurt. Jones and Markakis doing squat. Bergesen sent to the minors. When Ty Wigginton is leading your team in average and RBI, you know something is wrong.

I would love to blame just Trembley. But he can only work with what he is given and who is healthy. So, do we throw MacPhail under the bus? Possibly. But the real problem lies with ownership. Anyone who has been breathing since 1997 will agree with this. With all the turnover in players and the revolving door or managers and GMs, the one constant has been Angelos. In 1997, the team drew 3.7 million fans. In 2009, 1.9 million. That says it all.

And yes, I admit that I am still a very dedicated Orioles fan. Like the rest of you, the last dozen years has hurt. Kick in the gut hurt. But this season, I have had very few moments of true optimism when watching this team. The talent seems to be there but they are always coming up short in one category or another. Starting pitching does well and then bullpen blows it. Or offense cannot get it going. The problems that exist are in more than one area and I am not sure that there is one solution to fixing this club. Better arms, a bigger bat, and getting rid of Julio Lugo are all necessary. I hope Andy keeps a lot of Pepto around since his stomach may be in knots all summer long.

We are the worst team in MLB. Laughed at by media outlets around the country. Ranked dead last in all the power ranking polls. Unless we come out of it quick (maybe a 5 game win streak could get it started) I expect a very long summer. At least in 1988, Ronald Reagan was still in charge.

Look on the bright side... the giveaways at Camden Yards are still great.

1 comment:

  1. Man it is just sad right now, but I am a big believer that in order to build a winner you can't keep changing the GM and coach. In my opinion as long as you think they have a solid knowledge for the game you should just let them grow into the job. That said you are right they have had one constant in the organization in Angelos and I would argue that he just doesn't have a strong mind for the game, he has the right to own the team but he needs to back out completely from decisions and maybe ask Bud Selig to assign a team president or something.