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Rising to the Surface

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Opening Day for most major league teams is 2 weeks from today. So the end of spring training is in sight. With a current standing at 8-11, the Birds are not that bad. We have beaten the Phillies three times this spring and yesterday's win displays a team on the rise.

Felix Pie hit is second home run of the spring and Millwood got the win over the defending NL champions. With Roberts mending and most of our core lineup hitting fairly well, the real weakness is still the pitching staff. I am most concerned about Guthrie who appears to be in a real funk. If he gets rattled in the regular season it may be prudent to move him to the bullpen and allow another young farm arm take over the spot. Time will tell...

The roster is slowly being whittled down prior to Easter Sunday. Reimold is progressing and seems to be the odds-on favorite to start in LF this year, though I foresee Pie taking over with Nolan moving to DH or 1B as the season moves on. As most of you know, being in the AL East is lethal. Thirteen games in April are against Boston, Tampa, and New York. Baptism by fire as they say, and this year it will be scorching very early on.

My addiction, the MLB Network, did a nice piece for the 30 Clubs in 30 Days spring special. They focus on the Orioles commitment to young talent and not taking the free agent plunge. They also talked about the history of the proud franchise and did a nice flashback of the 9 greatest moments dating back to 1954. But the downside of the show was the face that they still pick the Birds to finish with only 78 wins, and right above the Blue Jays in the standings. I say we make some noise this year and scare the pants out of the division. Much like Tampa did in 2008. Being a doormat for this long a time should light a fire under our boys - at least that is what I hope.

The home opener for Baltimore is on Friday April 9. Here's looking forward to seeing you all at OPACY and for a fine 2010 season.


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