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Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, win no. 2 was not pretty, but it was a W nonetheless. Brad Bergesen got the start and while not overly affective, it was enough for now.

The recent offensive prowess of the Orioles has slowed somewhat especially having been shut out a few days ago by the Twins. Hopefully tonight's rematch with Minnesota can provide a much different outcome.

Slowly but surely the roster is coming together. Lots of new faces out there and some of the old standbys are now gone like Melvin Mora. The days of keeping the same players on your team for years on end are gone.

A few topics of note this week. One is the back issues that still plague Brian Roberts. Some of the stories in the press allude to the possibility that he may not be able to play on Opening Day in April. Here's to optimism and B-Rob back at the bag on 2B.

Second, the so-called "curse" of being on SI will be debated hotly for a while as young star Matt Wieters is the cover photo this week. Great exposure for him and the Orioles for sure, and I hope nothing negative comes out of this.

Third, I was saddened to read today about the semi-retirement of Ernie Tyler from the field. While Mr. Tyler has worked for the Orioles for 50 years, he is giving up his on field duties per his family wishes and now will remain in the clubhouse only to assist the umpires. At age 85, the man is a modern miracle and a wonderful human being.

Everyday, during my walk from home to the office, I pass by the ballpark. Construction on the lower bowl seems to be almost done with the section behind home plate the last to be completed. Can't tell how the new seats look yet but I am sure they will be fine. The club seats and upper deck are slated from upgrades in future off seasons. And while I don't think the renovations were needed per se, anything that enhances the experience at the best ballpark ever built is always a good thing.

Let's hope our Birds can make it two in a row tonight.


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