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2010: Time to Take a Stand

Written by gsmith

We all know one of them; they're the ones who come into Camden Yards in droves wearing their pinstripes or their "Sawx" gear and turn our ballpark into Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. I'll admit it, I've been a witness to this more times than I'd like. We've all felt the pain of being considered the 2nd rate citizens of the AL East for too long. It's time for a change.

I'm asking all of the O's fans out there to make sure that the 81 games played in Baltimore this year are still home games for the O's. I'm an optimist through and through, but I'm a realistic one. I realize the odds of the O's taking the AL East crown this year may not be stacked in our favor. I also realize that the O's are loaded with talent and are heading in a better direction than they have been in many years. We've been exercising patience for over 10 years and now is our chance to take our patience and turn it into optimism. We've all become a little jaded in recent years, but we have to let go of that.

Now is the time to wear your O's hat with pride (I choose to wear my throwback hat because I think the bird on the current hats is awful…but that's another topic for another day). Now is the time to make the "Let's go O's" chants louder than the chants you're sure to hear from the Boston and New York fans. Now is the time to stop letting these same fans fill our stadium wearing their colors and treat a weekend series in Baltimore as nothing more than a chance to
see the Inner Harbor and play a home away from home game at Camden Yards. I try not to think about the countless times I've been at Camden Yards and felt like the minority when cheering for the O's, it irritates me too much and I start to get this unreasonable dislike for
Boston and New York fans. Maybe I'm irrational. Maybe I'm the only one who watches playoff baseball games on TV and gets chills thinking of how great it will be when we're back to playing playoff baseball here in Baltimore. Or, maybe I'm just passionate. Maybe I see the O's as a
sense of personal pride and I refuse to take a back seat without my voice being heard.

I know it's tough to deal with the losing and I know it's tough to deal with our team being run by an owner none of us really seem to like (much respect to whoever thought of the "I'm Petered out" bumper sticker for freethebirds.net. I saw one yesterday and couldn't stop laughing), but I think it's even tougher to not stand up for our team and not show the pride and support this town has to offer. We all know how important it is to protect our house. 2010 is the perfect time
for all of us as O's fans to do just this.


  1. And how bout Oriole fans show respects and don't scream O's! during the national anthem. It is "Oh say can..." not "O's!!!! say can...."

  2. They actually scream OOOOO! which is short for O's and also the long O is very noticable in the Baltimore local accent. Plus since the National Anthem was written after the battle at Fort McHenry, I think Baltimoreans have the right to be proud.

    Let's get our orange and black out and fight the evils of Boston and to a lesser degree, NY. Time to take back the Yard. I bought a new jersey yesterday and I am ready to cheer on my beloved Birds.

  3. birdsofprey-

    love it...time to take back the yard!