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The World Series and other stuff

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, the Yankees did it. Again. They were the best team in the regular season in 2009 and they earned their first title in 9 years with a uneven performance on the mound but with great offensive production.

The Phillies, champs in 2008, now know what it is like to lose in the big round. Having a chance to avenge the 1950 "Whiz Kid" Phillies team who were swept by the Yankees, the red-pinstriped people came up short. And if Cliff Lee and Chase Utley didn't exist, well this club may have gotten swept too. Ryan Howard set a new series record with 13 K's, and the Phillies bullpen could not do anything against the mighty Yankee bats. And Cole Hamels? What happened to that guy?

So, the Orioles AL East enemies danced off with their 27th title in 105 World Series. Pretty darn good percentage of winning it at 25.7%. Their 40 AL pennants are also a record. The Dodgers are in second place with 18 pennants - less than half.

A-Rod has his ring. Rivera, Jeter, Pettite, and Posada now have 5 each. Simply amazing. By no means am I a Yankee fan, but that is just incredible. Think of all the great players in the history of this game who never got one ring. Ernie Banks and Ted Williams come to mind immediately.

And so, now we enter the off season. Players are filing for free agency or maybe retiring. Awards are slowly being handed out. Rosters will change along with coaching staffs and front offices. New parks will open (only 1 new venue in 2010) and soon enough we will be at spring training.

Oh, why must I wait so long?

And a special congratulations is in order to Adam Jones for winning an AL Gold Glove. First Oriole to win one since Mike Mussina. Perhaps next year Nick can join him and maybe also Mr. Jones can add a Silver Slugger as well.


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