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So Long 2009

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well, at least we avoided 100 losses! And luckily, thanks to that 4 game game winning streak at the end, we are only the third worst team in the majors. The lackluster Pirates and the Washington Bugs were below us in the rankings.

If I sound a bit chipper, it is because I am. I had mixed feelings about the further retention of Dave Trembley, but then I thought, this franchise needs consistency. And unless the Orioles were going to land a Torre, LaRussa, Cox or Soscia we might as well stick with what we've got. Not all of it is Dave's fault for sure. Some of it is bad luck, poor position players, and injuries. But then again, the base running gaffes and mental mistakes can (sort of) be blamed on the manager and the coaches. I am hoping that they do upgrade their coaching staff a bit while Trembley remains the top man.

As for the season, it did cause my blood pressure to go up. But there were days and plays that will stay in the good memories pile as well. Stomping the Yankees on Opening Day. The walk off hits. Felix Pie hitting for the cycle. Sweeping the Phillies up in Philadelphia over Father's Day weekend. When you look back on it, there were some positives.

And the players too - some of them - have given me hope. Felix Pie, Nolan Reimold, Matt Wieters, Michael Aubrey, Chris Tillman, Brad Bergesen etc. The core is there. Now all we need is a power hitter and some position players.

And we said goodbye to Sherrill and Huff during the summer. And Melvin Mora is unlikely to return. The winds of change are blowing down that gusty tunnel that is Eutaw Street, and the new decade looks promising.

I hate this time of year. No more games at the Yard (and I went to 30+). I have to bite my lip and wait for spring training. Thanks be that there are books, DVDs, etc. on baseball to get me through to the spring. After the World Series ends... I am in a complete funk.

Will report back soon with Orioles news and commentary as it generates during the off season.


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