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Enthusiasm Gone

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Well when you are 24 games under .500, are dead last in Opponent batting average, and next to the bottom in home runs allowed, ERA, and runs allowed... it certainly says something why you are terrible.

The Birds have shown little improvement in the last month. Yes, we took a series from the White Sox on the road, but have come up short in two games against Minnesota. And why is that? The same old story - crummy pitching mixed with quiet bats.

Back in April and even up until June, I was in support of keeping Dave Trembley for another year. But with the lazy attitudes these days and with not one category improving, I am now in full favor of the clean house method. Veterans don't care, base running mistakes abound, and the examples being set for rookies are certainly not good ones.

The Orioles were a very proud franchise, rich in a winning tradition. Under the Angelos era, we have been a joke. Sure 1996 and 1997 were great, but the overall picture is muddy and disgusting. Dating back to 1954, this team has finished in last place only 3 times; 1986, 1988, and 2008. If we are in the basement on October 4th of this year, it will mark the only time in history that we were in last place in back-to-back years. Not a good record to set.

What needs to change? Coaches, owners, position players, all of the above? The pain has been going on for so long, that personally I don't feel the sting anymore. My body is numb and I have come to expect only bad news. It is like being a fan of the LA Clippers where the worst outcome seemingly always happens.

We only have 5 weeks left to what amounts to another miserable season in Baltimore. Attendance down, fans jaded, wins are hard to come by, and again baseball laughs at us. So I guess the magic of the return to the old road jerseys never appeared.

The drought continues... though we could have it worse if we were all Cubs fans.


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