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Split Loyalties

Written by: Anna C.

Fantasy baseball always poses a dilemma for me. While I most obviously want my real-life baseball team to win their games, a tiny part of me feels a bit of a thrill when someone on the opposing team does something I know will bode well for my fantasy team score the next day. What can I say, I am competitive by nature!

This was the case with this weekend’s series pitting the Orioles against the Athletics – yes, Matt Holliday is on my fantasy team, as is Dallas Braden (a relatively easy acquisition that has yielded a decent strike count, in case you need a boost in that category). Watching Friday’s game was admittedly painful, what with the absolute loss of offense on the part of the O’s, so when Holliday slammed the 3-run homer, the pain in my gut told me that was the final nail in the coffin for that game. Yet, perversely, I let out a quick “ooh!” in glee, since the power bats on my fantasy team have been unusually silent this season and I was counting on Holliday to spark an increase in my home run count.

To be fair, I have recently acquired Luke Scott also and cheered loudly for him when he hit a solo home run on Friday. Sadly one run was not enough to help the O’s even the score in any of the three games, but in my fantasy league, every little bit helps. And I have Markakis and Huff on my team also, though their recent slumps are severely hurting my offensive numbers. Hard to say, but I am glad that I do not have any Charm City pitchers on my team at this point – who would have thought that Guthrie and Hill would not be able to last through the first inning of a game, and that Brian Bass would pitch over three scoreless innings in relief?

On a good note, the Orioles have the 5th pick in the first-year draft tomorrow, so maybe that event will infuse the team with a little energy. After all, nine games below 500 can be a bit disheartening. The signing of an Aaron Crow or Grant Green may be just what they need.

1 comment:

  1. I keep my distance when it comes to fantasy baseball. Unlike football or college basketball, I tend to pick my favorites. That is not a winning formula especially when your favorite baseball team wears orange and black. My heart just cannot sway even if it means a few bucks and bragging rights in the office. Then there's my All Star ballot...so embarrassing. O's on the left and Mets on the right. Pathetic, but hopeful which is one of the few things we have after 11 long years.

    Though I certainly hope Stephen Strasburg slips past four distracted teams tomorrow, I can't forget about the young arms developing in the minors. While we're waiting for Tillman, Arrieta, and Matusz, we've got to support the guys that we do have. I do agree that a little run support would be nice. Our last win in Seattle could have been ugly if Hill didn't pitch a 7 inning gem. During the last home stand (and last home win), Bergesen gave us 8 solid innings and didn't falter until the end. I know everyone preaches consistency, but I need to see it. I can't take another roller coaster season from the O's. The glimmers of hope are nice, but are painful and blinding after clinging on for this long.

    Hey, your name sounds familiar...